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We took a break from a couple of Redneck projects to do another special restoration. Friend of Redneck Phil J had an old family guitar that was unplayable and being used for wall decoration. Inspired by the last restoration story, he brought it by the shop.

While not much is known about the history of the guitar, Phil does have some old family photos of previous generations that show the guitar. By our best guess, the guitar is in the ballpark of 100 years old.

Built of solid wood and featuring some beautiful trim work, John worked to complement the original construction while also adding some modern tweaks to enhance the playability of the guitar.

The end result is a bright sounding (thanks in part to a maple neck) guitar that plays well and turns head with its unique color scheme. Friend of Redneck Patrick R stopped by the shop as Phil was picking the guitar up. The two got a chance to sit and play a little...maybe some videos will pop up later.

In the meantime, thanks Phil for trusting Redneck Guitars with your special family project. We're glad to see it able to continue its musical journey for a while longer.

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