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#23: John Bradley

Redneck #23 is probably the most recognizable of the Rednecks - due in no small part to the guy most often playing it. It’s the guitar that John Bradley has kept as his own primary guitar.


Of course he had a little help in that decision - evidenced by the Tommy Emmanuel signature just above the neck. Says John, “It WAS for sale before Tommy critiqued it and signed it. However, glad he did...just knew I had to keep it.”

That doesn’t mean it gets locked away or kept from public view. The wear spots on the pickguard will testify to its frequent use.

John plays it regularly both with friends and with the St. James Jammers (catch him with #23 at the Leroy James Farmers' Market most Saturday mornings).


If he’s feeling generous, he’ll let others give it a go. Recent guest sighting include being used in Magnolia Arts Center’s production of Funny Thing Called Love and at the St James United Methodist Church Talent Show. Back at Redneck Headquarters, a visiting Seminarian on a mission trip got in a little time playing #23.

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